LFC Nashville is non-profit entity chartered in the State of Tennessee, created and managed by football fans and followers of Liverpool FC. We are recognized by the Football Club as an Official Liverpool Supporters Club and seek to educate others about the esteemed history of not only our team but the city of Liverpool itself. We promise to mirror the ideals of “The Liverpool Way” when cheering on our Reds or giving back to the local or global communities with our charitable works. Securing a safe, accessible and constant venue to do this is a lot of work and providing a paid membership with benefits to our group is one way we can have a mutual relationship with our restaurant.

You do not need to be a paying member to watch games with us and there should never be a cost associated with having a good time…but we feel that offering a genuine experience, high quality gear and food and drink specials will only lead to you coming back over and over again. Come out to Party Fowl restaurant in the Donelson neighborhood of Nashville and if you had a good time, help toward our mission.

2023/2024 OLSC Nashville Membership

Tier 1 - $10

  • 23/24 Season Armband
  • Priority seating for all matches and early entry during Finals, Cup games, and special events.
  • Participation and a vote in OLSC Nashville Annual General Meeting and elections
  • Access to Liverpool news, ticket allocation if planning a trip, and special LFC and OLSC event information.
    • Subject to LFC's policies and procedures.
    • Ticket allocation is reserved for only those LFC Nashville members residing in the Nashville metro.

Tier 2 - $25

  • OLSC Nashville Bar Towel
  • OLSC Nashville Shot Glass
  • 2 OLSC Nashville Stickers
  • All of the benefits offered by Tier 1.

Tier 3 - $50

  • OLSC Nashville + Party Fowl Jersey
  • All of the benefits offered by Tier 1 and Tier 2.
All physical membership items will be available for pickup in the Fall.

Other Things You Should Know

Membership to OLSC Nashville is open to all persons regardless of physical ability, creed, race, culture, orientation, or gender. There will be 2 classes of members that will fall into active status with OLSC Nashville provided they are in good standing with Liverpool FC, OLSC Nashville and other group both formally and informally associated with LFC. (“Good standing” will be interpreted by leadership as those who have shown good behavior at our and other partner’s events, obey our code of conduct and are not owing any fees to us or any OLSC chartered by LFC.) “Regular” member will be those in good standing with OLSC Nashville and are current on any dues to the club. “Honorary” members are any people afforded the rights and privileges of regular membership with the exception of voting on club elections and issues.


The Nashville Branch does not share any of your personal information without your consent. We are required to share your information with Liverpool Football Club which also adheres to the same policy.

Code of Conduct

As an Official Liverpool Supporters Club, we are, in effect, stewards of "the Liverpool way", and as members, we will uphold the good name of Liverpool FC through charity and fellowship. OLSC Nashville paid members, visitors, and guests are required to foster an inclusive, fun, and safe atmosphere for each other, headquarters patrons, and the community in general at all match day watch parties, sanctioned OLSC Nashville events, and official Liverpool FC occasions.

We are a lively bunch and get a lot of compliments from football fans from all over the world about our authentic atmosphere and we live to sing and shout BUT there are some behaviors we will not tolerate at our events and those individuals acting in any of these manners may be warned, suspended, or banned from not only OLSC Nashville, but from Liverpool FC official arenas as well: Racism, sexism, vandalism, verbal or physical abuse of any member, guest, patron, or staff member of headquarters.

Anyone witnessing such behavior should report it to an Executive Committee Member or Officer as soon as possible. Anyone not reporting such behaviors may be seen as covering up such acts themselves and may be putting their own status at risk with the club. Just ask yourself whether you would appreciate that same behavior around your family/kids/loved ones and act in good faith towards keeping your name, our club, and our beloved LFC in good standing. We Are Liverpool and This Means More!